Our approach to responsible investment

At Select Wealth, we are committed to improving the long-term viability of our business through a culture of sustainability. Our intent is to operate in a way that minimises our environmental impact and enhances our social impact.

As part of this commitment to improving our sustainability practices, we have recently completed a business audit within the Toitū Enviromark certification programme. We are delighted to confirm that we have been awarded the Gold certification and believe that this certification recognises the great progress we have made in improving our sustainability outcomes. 

For the Select KiwiSaver Scheme, JMI Wealth has been appointed as the investment manager. JMI Wealth engages a variety of different local and global fund managers to manage your investments. We believe that this use of different fund managers and investment styles is one of the key benefits of the Select KiwiSaver Scheme, as it means your investments are well diversified.

This diversification is also evident in the implementation of responsible investment considerations for the Select KiwiSaver Scheme. Each of the fund managers chosen will have determined their individual approach to responsible investment, taking into account the types of assets in which they invest, their particular investment style and their view on how to best integrate responsible investment considerations into their funds.

JMI Wealth will regularly communicate with the fund managers on their chosen approaches, and as part of their regular review process, JMI Wealth will actively engage with the fund managers to ensure adherence to their policies and to offer its views on how these fund managers can improve their commitment to responsible investment.

Those managers in the Scheme that integrate responsible investment considerations are shown below

Devon Funds

Nikko Asset Management


For the period immediately after launch, the Scheme will be invested in funds offered by Smartshares Limited. We anticipate that the Scheme will begin investing with the managers shown here around April 2021.